A new Periodised Programme Every Month

Stop following one off cookie cutter routines and start following an annual periodized programme where each day and month builds on the next.

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Learn as you get stronger

With every block we will explain what we are trying to achieve and delve into exercise selection and cover technique.

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Take away the guess work and just get stronger.

We are here to remove the clutter from online strength training resources.  We will provide you with the brass tacks and a place to discuss and refine your understanding of training.

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Since 1993

Free Periodized Training You Can Trust

Your Strongest Year is here to achieve one aim - improve the standard of training information online.

We offer a monthly programme aimed at getting stronger in the three main power lifts Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift.

Our training is based on barbell strength training but can be applied to anyone who wants to take up strength training or wants to just get stronger.

What separates us from the rest of the pack is our programmes follow an annual periodization training cycle.  This means everything you do is designed to work with each other.

Forget about cookie cutter programmes come and get stuck into the real deal.  Welcome to YOUR STRONGEST YEAR.

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Lets get started.

The best place to start is the beginning click here to access our first training cycle.  January also known as the Volume Block.