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Our Approach

Our Approach

There are a lot of free programmes online, but that's all they are programmes.  Your Strongest Year was started to give everyone access to a yearly periodized strength programme that will get you stronger and reduce your chances of injury.

My mission is to make everyone stronger and to help drive the standard of strength training and powerlifting globally.

Our Story

Our Story

As a strength and conditioning coach working in professional sport and a powerlifter and powerlifting coach I have been around strength sports for over a decade.  I got started reading websites like T-Nation but only by meeting and reading from actual powerlifting coaches did I ever develop as a coach or athlete.

With this website I want to provide everyone with a source of accurate and effective powerlifting and strength training programming and advice.

Who's Behind Your Strongest Year?

We are here to better your understanding of strength training come and meet us.

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Marc Keys

Founder & Head Coach

Powerlifter with 8 years of competitive experience having competed at the highest levels of the sport.  Marc has competition best lifts of 290 kg squat (620 lbs), 210 kg bench (462 lbs) and 300 kg deadlift (660 lbs).

As a coach Marc has worked with Olympic, Commonwealth medal winners and professional rugby teams for nearly a decade.  As a powerlifting coach he works with over 50 lifters on a daily basis many of whom are current or former Scottish and British Record Holders.

Marc has been blogging and producing education content online for free for over 8 years starting with the popular blog which is read by over 300,000 people every year.

Want to find out more just get in touch!

We offer as much information for free as we can and try to make it all easily understandable and actionable but sometimes you need to speak to someone!