I am currently just updating the programmes I will be updating the supporting information on the pages over the coming month, my goal currently is to get the programmes up to block 7-8 done so I have a bit of breathing room and the important information is up there.

NOTE – Advanced lifters should not follow this bench press programme it is Smolov Junior and shouldn’t be utilised by lifters who have a relatively strong bench press.  Instead, try this programme

  1. Session 1 – 3×3 @ 75%
  2. Session 2 – 3×3 @ 65%
  3. Session 3 – 3×3 @ 85%
  4. Add 2.5 kg to session 1&3 weights throughout the programmes.  Leave session 2 as 65% throughout the whole cycle.

Block 5 – Accumulation 1

As an accumulation block, this is meant to be a challenging block for squat and bench press.  If you do the first workout with the prescribed load and find it to be very difficult adjust the weight to a more manageable load.  It should be challenging but nor impossible.

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